To make better decisions for your business you need to have better information. We are here to provide information and help you make sense of it for your situation.



Research has been a key part of Jepson Holt and its business since 2005. Using the information we held to create competitive advantage formed an element of our strategy from the start.

The Plan

We always planned to use the ability to research and then collate and present information to create products to sell to the professional services market and now we are bringing that plan to fruition.


As our practice branched out from executive search into merger and acquisition and strategic projects for firms the team spent more time researching businesses and places in addition to people.

The addition of behavioural profiling and our due diligence products brought us to the point where we needed to create a separate research business.

Unlike the other parts of our business our research products are relevant to any business in any sector but particularly to professional services businesses.

"Having good information is key for reducing the risk attached to big decisions. All businesses have to make big decisions on people, places and other businesses and we want to help them do so in the best way possible."

Phil Jepson



The challenge for a research business is to have the technical capability to find and process relevant data, whilst having the communication skills to put it before the client in a form that enables them to use it to the best effect.

Empirical Research uses a combination of technology, market experience and our team’s insight and ability to deliver a service which is unique in our markets.

  • Phil Jepson
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  • Tom Habens
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  • Richard Neve
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  • Phil is a Director of Empirical and a key figure in developing our offering and our business relationships.

    He qualified as a Solicitor in 1989 at a top 50 law firm, becoming a Partner in 1992 and an equity partner in 1994. He spent 14 years working in law firms and has experience at 4 firms, 3 of them in the Top 50. He has been working for law firms in executive search, M&A and consulting since 2001.

    Completing an MBA (Distinction) at Manchester Business School in autumn 2007, Phil also has a long standing interest in behaviour and behavioural profiling tools, recently becoming an accredited profiler for Parallax Behavioural Profiling.

    Phil has become a leading commentator on the legal market. He is often invited to speak privately to firms or publicly to groups about the change and development in the Legal Services market.

    Outside the office Phil is a keen cyclist, often found riding on or planning a trip revolving around his bike.


  • Tom is the Director of Empirical who is responsible for the day to day running of the business and for delivery of projects, leading our talented team of consultants.

    He has an established background in research and analytics and has spent the past 3 years leading on and delivering research related projects to a diverse range of clients within the legal sector.

    Tom has an MA in Politics from the University of Manchester which had a focus on research and statistics.

    Outside the office Tom plays drums in a semi-professional band, spending the majority of his free time travelling around the country playing gigs.


  • Richard is a Director at Empirical and is responsible for devising and delivering our sales strategy. He also tailors our bespoke products to clients needs and manages the delivery of these projects.

    Richard spent over 8 years working in the legal market before joining Empirical in February 2014. Previously, he was the national sales manager of a leading supplier to law firms, before that he worked as a marketing and business development manager in a law firm.

    He is a talented consultative sales professional with an extensive network and real insight into the legal services market and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

    Before he entered professional services Richard achieved the rank of L/Cpl in the Royal Marines Commandos.

    Outside the office, when he isn’t preoccupied by his wife and two young daughters, Richard can be found cycling or enjoying a round of golf and his beloved Hillside Golf Club. He recently participated in an attempt to break the worlds longest rugby game world record, achieved 26hrs 32mins 2 secs, which is currently being validated by Guinness.


  • Joe Fisher
    Senior Research Consultant
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  • Tim Lloyd
    Senior Research Consultant
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  • Alex McFarlane
    Marketing Manager
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  • Joe is responsible for producing an array of research products, along with spearheading the innovative IT sourcing methodology employed by the company.

    After achieving his BA in Music at the University of Salford, Joe joined our research team and has worked for a diverse range of clients across a range of legal practice areas. He is experienced in all aspects of research relating to firm mergers, lateral hires and market intelligence projects.

    Outside of the office Joe plays a variety of instruments and is a self proclaimed guitar virtuoso, he has previously been a member of semi-professional signed bands. Now he is no longer travelling the country performing he enjoys the music scene in Manchester.


  • Tim is responsible for producing the full range of research products at Empirical with a particular interest in research for mergers and acquisitions.

    While studying for his BSc, Tim spent most of his vacation time working at Jepson Holt. Having completed his degree, he joined us full time after travelling around South East Asia and Australasia.

    He has acted on key projects for a range of clients, gaining valuable experience dealing with all aspects of firm mergers, lateral hires and market intelligence projects.

    Outside the office Tim is a no-nonsense footballer and when the weather permits enjoys falling off his surfboard.


  • Alex is the focal point for marketing and brand related activity and a key element in our plans to grow the business. He also has responsibilities within the business to develop and align its systems and processes.

    He has a first class degree in International Business, a year of which was spent studying business abroad in Germany.

    Outside the office he is a keen footballer and marathon runner, whilst constantly attempting to brush up on his German.